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Handforged and welded branding ironsThese handforged and welded branding irons were special ordered by a family who wanted replicas of the irons used on their family ranch.
Fire pokers and marshmallow roastersFire pokers and marshmallow roasters
Handcrafted door knockerHandcrafted door knocker
Handforged handles The branding iron handles are hand-forged.
A variety of hooks are availableA variety of hooks are available for sale or to learn about in class.

John Lacefield has been a blacksmith for nearly a decade and a half and a welder since his Coast Guard days. He volunteers and demonstrates in the craft square at Stephen Foster State Folk Culture Center in White Springs, FL and at the farm. He has also demonstrated at Obediah's Okefenok in Waycross, Ga and at B O'Toole's Herb Farm in Madison, FL.

John's handmade items and individual or group classes are available at the farm, at Stephen Foster Folk Center Gift Shop in White Springs, and at O'toole's Organic Herb Farm in Madison, Fl. Using a hands-on approach, you will learn design techniques such as pointing, drawing, shouldering, twisting, cutting, and punching as well as the history and science of blacksmithing.

For more information, to arrange a class, to order products, or for a quote on an item you design, contact John at

John Lacefield at the forge.

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