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There was a time in our country when most people grew up on farms. Growing our food, raising farm animals, and living with nature were all common experiences. We invite you to revisit those times as a fellow farmer on a working farm with our Farmer for a Day program.

On your visit you will put away your cellphone and join us in the day’s farm activities—feeding the farm animals, growing crops in the garden, making lunch from the farm’s crops, participating in the day's project, and more. Call or email to find out what we are up to this week.

Together we will do the day’s chores. You are welcome—and encouraged—to ask questions and investigate how things work. Working on a farm can and should be a fun and engaging time. At the end of the day, go home more confident in your farming ability and more connected to the earth.

Please, no drop-ins. Call 386 397-1827 to reserve a day for your visit or email

Pictures of farm projects

    Farm projects possible:

  • Build and maintain fences and pens

  • Use and maintain farm equipment:
    tractors, hay rakes, harrow, wagons,

  • Plant , weed, and harvest gardens and fruit trees

  • Farm to kitchen:
    jams, breads, jerky, dried fruits, soups, food preservation

  • Basic construction skills

  • Blacksmith and weld

  • Cow and chicken care

  • Small greenhouse operation
Contact us by email or phone to find out what we are up to now. Let us know if there is a particular farm skill you wish to learn.

Cost per person: $45 for 5 hours

Looking for a shorter commitment? A one hour farm tour may be available--$10/person.

Looking for a longer commitment? Ask us about apprenticing by the week or by the month (camping site available.)

Contact us for more information: or 386 397-1827.

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