Welcome to our blog!

The “welcome” message in the title is a welcome both for you and for us!

We have relocated the website and blog to A Small Orange--a company recommended by my nephew Drew. Moving has been a LOT of work but it was time. The old Tripod/Lycos site that had held me in good stead since the nineties was a wonderful starter home but it was time to move.

Many things got tossed out but something we definitely wanted to move with us was our blog because it had become a journal of our challenges and successes. I have cut and paste the pages in the previous posts. I am hoping this is enough to keep them visible as we dismantle the old site but, just in case, I have saved all the pics and text.

As we have moved into our new home, I have been forced to learn lots of new terms and programs but if we can be as happy here for the next 20 years as we were in our old home with Tripod, it will all be for good.

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