I know I’ve said it before (ad nauseum!) but I can’t believe how quickly time passes. It is nearly March so I have plenty to report!

  1. The windows and insulation are in, the wiring complete, the tiny house is moved and we are ready for drywall in the tiny room. So the promised celebratory party will be happening within the month. I will post pictures then.
  2. We have an apprentice/helper/collaborator named Lyndsay who is an AWESOME addition to the farm. She is interested and interesting, a self-starter, and smart. With her help we have nearly finished weeding/mowing/mulching the blackberries and blueberries, pruned the grapes, and planted the potatoes. It has been a joy to have her help.
  3. Amanda continues to make us proud with her schoolwork. She is also becoming helpful on the farm. We appreciate her willingness to let us teach her stuff.
  4. Thanks to my mom’s help we have finished this year’s farm taxes. WooHoo!!
  5. Although we are STILL awaiting Mama’s calf, we do have two new baby chicks. Spring is definitely happening!

So, that’s the news. I checked to see if I have any recent pictures downloaded from the camera but I do not so this is all I am posting today.  As usual there is WAY too much to get done in a day. But as our 80+ year-old neighbor and farmer Mr. Milton will tell you, it will still be here tomorrow so, no worries. 🙂

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