Update (at last)

How life has changed in a few short months! But, isn’t that the essence of life?! And, logically I understand the need for change but, oh my, it is still hard!

We had a great year for fruit this year. Our blueberry crop was our largest yet. The pears were very good. And, the raccoons left the grapes (mostly)  alone. (Apparently they ate Dottie and Dennis’s instead!)  While it is true that life got in the way (in a major way) this summer so that we didn’t benefit from a good year as much as we would have liked, the productive year is a nice affirmation–we think we might be on the right road.

We had a VERY hot August which meant a big drop in egg production but it is back up and we have some roosters for the pot. We lost a lot of baby chicks to predators but our tough little mamas are still willing to try. We have a heifer to sell and two cows still to deliver their babies.  Our farm is still not self-sustaining but we are closer–and that is all we can ask. Life is good.

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