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Tiny House, cont.

It’s been a crazy month since the last blog. We have been steadily working on the tiny house/room as we also button things up for the cPicture of painted and roofed tiny room.oming winter. Now the blueberry fields are mowed (NOT forever) and we have started the annual weeding. The citrus is covered with shade cloth and the lights are out. The nativity scene is set up and the Christmas tree decorated. AND, the exterior of the tiny room is completed (except for the windows and door which will be installed after we move it into place.)

Amanda, John, and I have done the painting. The roof and trim turned out to be a MUCHtrimroof bigger project than we thought it would be but it is also finished. And, overall, we have been very lucky (blessed!) Though windy weather kept us off the roof for a week, when it died down we had a perfectly cool and slightly overcast day to install that shiny metal. And, we have had many things work out so nicely that could easily have been a problem. For example, John finished the base for the outside shower (cypress walls to be added lshowerater.) He used some old bleacher metal we had and it fit perfectly in the space.

Now that we are done with the exterior, our attention turns to the inside. As soon as the (inside) half-bath walls are up, we are moving the tiny room to its permanent home next to the screenroom. And then, when we finish, we will have our tinyhousewarming party. YEAH!!