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October. It is our first cool day–50’s last night and a high in the 70’s today. It is truly a glorious day to be outside!

So, the news. First, we have a new calf. Her name is Autumn and she was born a week and a half ago to Buffalo Girl. It has been good for the herd..they missed having a “young-un.”  Buffalo Girl is extremely leery of us. She has definitely implicated us in the loss of her “baby” which we sold in August. We know that her heifer, along with Midge’s bull calf, went to a family who wanted a pet that eats grass but they could have just as easily gone to the slaughterhouse so we can’t take credit for the happy ending.

Our big project now is a “tiny room.” We decided to build it rather than the tiny house for  trailer for our tiny house several reasons..not the least of which is that it is quicker and cheaper. Our tiny room is 7.5 feet by 17.5 feet and is a bedroom and 1/2 bath. We will use it for guest quarters and breathing space. We are using salvaged materials whenever possible. The trailer is a home-made one bought from Wayne Davis. It is not beautiful but IS sound. (In subsequent pictures, note how well the decking cleaned up.) The wood for the walls was milled here on the farm. The windows were given to us by the gentleman who bought my mom’s park model RV. The door was salvaged from our river place. We have to wood cut and labeled for the two long walls and have built the window sections. John Lacefield working on tiny house roomWe are finishing up the decking. It is our hope to have a work session on December 31 when we will lift the walls into place.

We had hoped to interest Amanda in our project..partly because she will be benefiting from it but mostly because there are many useful skills that can be learned when building something. She has told us she prefers hands-on learning so we had hoped to give her an opportunity to use math, physics, biology, and problem-solving skills. Amanda Lacefield and Pooh BearHowever, so far she prefers not to be involved. We must be satisfied with the participation of her kitten, Pooh Bear.Pooh Bear helps on Lacefield Farms

I will try to post pictures as the project continues but I make no promises! I do not have a good track record when it comes to diaries and blogs. 🙂

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