No “Brr” now!

Well, it isn’t February any more! It is HOT and DRY; we need rain. We have about 50 tomato plants (brandywine, amish paste, beefsteak, black Japanese, and some saved seeds from last season that will go into the ground this week. All farming is a leap of faith–planting these ripe mayhaw fruittomatoes is a part of that. And, we were lucky to have a good amount of rain in March that brought us our best mayhaw crop yet! One tree was loaded–I got 3 pickings off of it and made 6 pints of jam–and two others had a first crop. The blueberries are coming along nicely and should be ready at the end of May. The roses have been absolutely beautiful but I have been too busy to make jam from them! Besides, between the marmalade from our oranges, last year’s blueberry, and this year’s mayhaw, we really don’t need more jam so our energies are going toward more pressing needs.

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