Gone Girl

It was a bit of a sad day for me today. First, I have the flu which automatically lowers my resistance to the blues but, second, I officially started shutting down my Tripod account. I have had that account since the nineties when Tripod was the place where all the college crowd went (back in the dark ages before Facebook and MySpace!) It has served me well and I will miss its familiar face.

Moving day is always bittersweet!

Moving day is always bittersweet!

However, the change has been good for me. It has forced me out of my comfortable box and required me to think about css, social media, and other stuff I have been avoiding like the plague. Of course, like any moving day, stuff is now lying all over the place. I’m sure I’ve got broken links and wonky layouts. Please don’t hesitate to let me know if you find weirdness on our website lacefieldfarms.org. As someone who has been known while moving to accidentally throw out the keepers, I appreciate the extra set of eyes!!

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