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Tiny House Raising

Yesterday was an absolutely glorious day! The temperature and humidity were perfect for working and there was a nice breeze. Even better, a wonderful group of people came out to help us raise the walls on our tiny room–the “bunkhouse” we are building here on the farm.

We started the day putting the final touches on preparations. I baked the cinnamon rolls and biscuits, John double checked supplies and uncovered everything. Amanda carried things out to the screen room.The wall comes up. At 9, Eric arrived and by 9:30 Brian, Mike, Randy, and Eric were ready to see a wall go up. The plan was to wait for a full complement of folks–in case something went “south”–but there was no holding all that energy back. By 9:45, one wall wwallraise4as already up.

It was great to see and we were very lucky but I must admit that I struggled to let go of the juggernaut. I wanted group pictures, and order, and control. I wanted to doublecheck and verify and plan each move. What I got was weeks worth of labor and effort in one fell swoop! It was terrifying and absolutely wonderful. Thank you Wayne for the cosmic 2×4 upside the head! As usual, you were right.wallraiseb

I appreciate everyone who participated: Eric, Randy, Mike, and Brian for taking the lead. Walter and Tom for being willing to step back and spearhead preparation of the vapor barrier. Nancy and Dale for jumping in and seeing potential issues and solutions. Wayne and Lei Lani for the literal and figurative foundation (and the gWaiting in the wingsreat snacks!)  Thank you David for taking time  from little Philip to support our efforts. All our best wishes for his speedy recovery. Amanda, thanks for the pictures though I admit to struggling to get on board with the au courant but dangerously odd angles. Deb and Khrys for being the first folks to volunteer and Carol, Julie, and Maddie for being there in the wings ready and waiting to jump in as you were needed. Sometimes that is the hardest job of all.the cars

By 2 pm, it was over.

Several times as John and Amanda and I were cleaning up, I looked out at what a half day had wrought. It is so wonderful to have this little building that is imbued with love and community. You guys are the best!!  And this is where I would have put the group picture–if I had one!! 😉

Randy Madison being an angel

…..An angel?!

I still have a dream.

Recently a family emergency brought me face-to-face with a (apparently growing) philosophy that it is better to throw things away than to fix them. I am not talking about a broken microwave, lawnmower, or dishwasher. We all know about that.  No, I am talking about throwing away our relationships, our lives, our healthcare and school systems, and our government. I am talking about the philosophy that it is all broken–so throw it all away.

What I have come to realize is I don’t agree with this disposable viewpoint. Maybe it is all those years of hearing my grandmother say, “Don’t throw the dishes out with the dishwater.” I simply don’t agree that the solution to our problems is to hoard supplies in our basements and closets. I don’t agree that things are so badly broken we lack the power and knowledge to fix them. Rather, I believe in the power of activism and the strength of the gifts God gave us.

I am not naive. I do realize that it appears that (once again) big business and the power elite are beating down the little guy. I saw what happened to the uprisings against wars, the stand in Tianamen Square, the outpouring of disgust with Wall Street, and now the protests in Egypt. I have lived through those times. But I also saw that what truly inspires us is not fear and “I have a nightmare…*” speeches. What inspires us and lifts us up is the opportunity to pick up the broken pieces and rebuild–to find our better selves.

*Credit goes to W.E. VS.