Boys staying warm

three cat night!

It’s cold out so I am using the weather as an excuse to get caught up on indoor chores! Speaking of the weather, the poor blueberry farmers north of us in S. GA may lose their crop. This is the challenge of trying to be first-to-market–these early varieties cannot deal with the cold snaps we occasionally get.

Amanda staying warm So, what are we up to these days? Well, with me working off-farm and time taken out for the care and feeding of Amanda’s, a lot of farm opportunities are on the back burner. But John is excited to be working on our tiny house.

Tiny House Frame

Tiny House Step 1!

He has put together the frame he bought from Matt and the wheels he was able to scavenge for a total of $300. Not too bad for an 8×24 foundation. I will try to give periodic updates but now more than ever, time gets away from me.

State of the farm…well, we are hoping our hay will last until the warm weather and grass are here but it is going to be close. John is adding a line fence to increase our pasture. Several hens are roosting–this cold may kill some of the embryos but we expect to get a few. About 2/3’s of the pears are in FULL bloom so our pear crop may be iffy. However, the late varieties should be fine. Only the climax blueberries are blooming (the heritage varieties have the sense to wait!) Wood cut on farm Meanwhile, John was using the cooler (but not COLD) weather to do projects like cutting lumber on his sawmill. He has quite a stash now! As we often say around here, things could be worse.:-)

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